Request: Merricup Wedding


Requested by: weaslett647

“Mum!” the young woman groaned as her mother pushed a stray curl from her forehead and pulled it into the intricate braid she was creating.

“Merida, sit still!” the older woman ordered as she gave the fiery hair a sharp tug.

“Ow,” her daughter yelped.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt so much if you stopped moving!”

“I don’t think he’ll care about my hair, Mum,” the young bride groaned as she snatched an apple from her desk and took a bite, wiping the juice off with her sleeve.


“What?” she mumbled over the white flesh of the apple in her mouth.

Her mother reached over her shoulder and snatched ahold over her arm and showed her the juice stain on the delicate fabric.

“Oi, it’s fine,” Merida grumbled as she yanked her arm back and snuck another bite of the apple.

Her mother sighed and pinned the last of the resilient curls to her head. “Dear, it’s your wedding. At least try to look nice for this one day.”

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Requested Fic: Merida sees Older!Hiccup


Requested by: crowned-in-a-halo-of-flowers

I went with a modern AU for this one.

The young man rubbed the back of his neck as he let out a long sigh. He set his sketchpad down on his bed, shutting it gently and laying his charcoal pencil on top of it. Taking his left hand in his right he began to massage the stiff muscles.  He perked up, his green eyes darting to the door to his room as it creaked open.

 Vibrant eyes stared at him brightly from dark fur. Silken ears pressed flatly against a smooth head that cocked to the side in curiosity.

A lopsided grin pulled at the young man’s lips as he slid off his bed and onto his knees. “Hey, bud,” he muttered.

The cat eyed him carefully, his tongue darting out to lick his muzzle, before loping to him quickly. The black creature stopped short of his legs and waited.

He reached out a hand to pet his friend but the cat darted out of his reach and leapt onto the bed behind his head. Claws dug into his auburn hair scratching against his scalp. The young man yelped and batted the paws away. “Toothless,” he reprimanded, “that kind of hurts.”

A sharp meow pierced his ear and fur rubbed against the back of his neck and slowly moved to the side as the cat nuzzled him. Paws rested on his shoulders and the black creature continued, his chest humming. 

The auburn laughed gently as he reached over his shoulder, his fingers searching for a furry jawline. He settled for an ear and began to scratch, slowly making his way to the jaw. Toothless leaned fully into his ministrations, relying on his friend’s support. When the young man finally pulled his hand away, the cat tumbled to the side and frantically tried to right itself. The animal’s attempts failed as he fell into his friend’s lap.

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